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PLL design with ADF4001 does not work

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Nice measurements! I hope some day I can have the same results. I will look today with a friend. Must be something obvious or stupid. Will come back here.
My best, H

It works!
The point is: you can not rely on the MUX output to observe the R and N counter input levels. The N counter output remains stable between less than -10 dBm until as high as +1 dBm and is quite tolerant about level. The R counter behaves almost the same but to establish reliable lock you need to provide at least +1 dBm. I operate the ADF4001 at +5V and then you need even more input signal (voltage). Refer to note 2 of datasheet, page 2. For the record: R Divider pulse width: 100 nsec, N Divider pulse width: 10 nsec.
To establish lock the CP cap is quite indifferent. I get lock from 100 nF to 100 uF. Of course loop dynamics is completely different....
Thanks to you for your comments. Highly appreciated.

Sounds good now!

Your phase noise measuring stuff sounds interesting. I'm tempted to try this 102.4MHz VCXO to clock a fast DDS to see if the DDS can deliver low phase noise at output frequencies up to maybe 20MHz. I've got a couple of high performance spectrum analysers that can measure phase noise (in SSA mode) but the performance is a bit lacking in this respect. At work I have access to a couple of E5052A SSAs but I'd like to make something for home use too.

For phase noise measurements at oscillators I have built a Phase Noise Testset by an article from DG4RBF, UKW-Berichte 4/2015. Not particularly easy to construct but it works good. Normal spectrum analyzers can not be used for serious phase spectrale analyses, as you know.
But this is another story....


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