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Power Amplifier for LimeSDR mini

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Dear All,
Could you please advise me on the following ....

I am using LimeSDR Mini and i want to plug it into a power amplifier (PA) to transmit a stronger signal. The questions is which PA to use (relatively cheap one).
As i know the selection of the PA depends on various factors such as what frequency i want to transmit, bandwidith, modulation... etc etc ...
So my questions are ....
1) Can you advise me what PA to use with LimeSDR mini if i want to transmit  lets say GSM signal (let it be 900 Mhz or 1.8 Ghz)
2) Can you also advise me the internet source where i can learn how to select AP and what additional components are needed depending on the task i want to do - amplify FM, AM, GSM signal (GMSK modulation) or if it is just a Morse code ... to learn how to select a PA for my LimeSDR mini. I know there is a LimeRFE designed for Lime products but it is very expensive 700$.
Therefore i need cheap solutions and also to learn how to select these solutions....

Thank you so much.

First question is how much power do you need?

Google "LimeSDR hamradio" and you will probably find plenty.
Just be aware that some of these SDR units produces harmonics and spurious and you will have to filter to get this removed.
By using a amplifier spurious and harmonics can be worse.


--- Quote from: srce on October 14, 2021, 08:53:27 pm ---First question is how much power do you need?

--- End quote ---

Just to cover ~ 20 meters....
Is there anything cheap for this distance ?

Also please could you advise me what / where to read to be able to know what type PA should i select depending on task (transmit distance, freq band, modulation types... etc etc ) i want to do ?

I wouldn't have thought you'd need an external PA if the range is only 20m.


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