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Presentation and question about books for getting started in RF design

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Hi, my name is David and I’m an electronics and control engineer and this is my first post in this forum. For the last three years I’ve been working as a power electronics designer in a research centre, but now that I’ve ended my master degree and after having designed some coils for wireless power supply applications I’m interested in learning to design RF circuits. Therefore, I’ve been looking for books that cover both designing PCB antennas and their required matching networks, as in the research center where I work nobody knows about those topics. Additionally, during my bachelor degree the basic fundamentals of antennas and transmission lines where partially covered in a completely theoretical way in a subject about electromagnetism that I took (I still keep my notes and the book that they recommended us, Engineering Electromagnetics by W. Hayt, explains how to use a Smith chart).
Regarding antenna design, I’ve found some posts in EE forums recommending Antenna Theory: Analysis and Theory by C. Balanis and the ARRL Antenna Book, yet none of them seem to cover matching networks and RF filters. For that reason, I’d like to ask you if you know about any book that covers the basics of all these topics as Fundamentals of Power Electronics by R. Erickson does in Power Electronics (or which ones do you think that might be better for starting designing RF circuits).
I’m not sure if I should post this in the Beginners or RF section, so please forgive me if this is not the most adequate one for this request

How basic do you want it?  The ARRL Handbook will give you a decent hands-on introduction to filters and matching networks: http://www.arrl.org/shop/ARRL-Handbook-2021-Softcover
This isn't university-level math, but a reasonable way to get your bearings. 

"RF Circuit Design" by Bowick looks like a good, somewhat more technical choice: https://www.amazon.com/RF-Circuit-Design-Christopher-Bowick/dp/0750685182

I was looking for one with deep enough explanations to understand what I’m doing without being too advanced for someone that comes from the low frequency world, like an introductory university-level book. ARRL books seemed a good choice for a hands-on introduction, which is great for being able to start building projects in my free time, but I would prefer something more technical.
Thanks for your recommendations. The one written by Bowick seems to be what I was looking for

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