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Programming volatile memory boards in older Icom Rigs and radio upgrades

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Hello is there anybody that have IC-471 ramfile that works with TL-866 programmer.

It feels like the forum is dead , with the answers somehow not thick. Someone please publish an archive with the firmware files of the transceivers for the TL866 programmer .
Такое ощущение что форум умер , с ответами как-то не густо. Кто-нибудь пожалуйста опубликуйте архив с файлами прошивок трансиверов под программатор TL866 .

Take the usual firmware 741 or 745 in the n2cbu format (available on the Internet).
Use the .hex editor or utility to remove the even bytes from it.
Get a 1KB file.
Using a .hex editor or utility, increases the size to 2KB.
Fill the second kilobyte with data from the first kilobyte, so as not to worry about how the A10 address line is routed.
The file for tl866 is ready.


--- Quote from: randman80 on August 13, 2019, 09:42:23 pm ---Best wishes and good luck.....

Chuck  KX4SB

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Thanks a ton! The program worked flawlessly and I was able to restore a RAM board for IC751 which was left unused for 30+ years.


Thanks to Igloo, it was possible to restore the original ram board dumps except for ic-1271 (there are 4 versions, I know only two versions).
The files have been redesigned for different programmers.
All data in archived.

PS: Для русскоговорящих Просьба не дублировать на CQham и QRZ....


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