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Programming volatile memory boards in older Icom Rigs and radio upgrades

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Thanks your work.
I have an IC-1271(not A or E), and the number of RAM board is #14.
I didn't have another RAM file. Now it only works on 1260MHz-1299MHz.
Maybe I flash a wrong version.

IC-1271 (not A or E), this is  guess Japanese version of RAM # 14.
Should work in the 1260-1300 range.
IC-1271 (A or E) have 3 versions.
Europe, America, Australia RAM # 15,16,17
They work in the range of 1240-1300.

Perhaps the IC-1271 (not A or E) differs in hardware from the IC-1271 (A or E), I don’t know, I only have a service manual from the IC-1271 (A or E) and I cannot compare it with the usual one.

Since I could not find all four versions of RAM board dumps and service manual from IC-1271 (not A or E), I did not examine the contents of these RAM boards and did not compare them .

If you have the original RAM board # 14 dump, I would be glad if you published it.

I am attaching two versions of the RAM board dump
They are in different formats:
in N2CBU format from IC-1271 (not A or E)
in format for TL866 from IC-1271E


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