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Programming volatile memory boards in older Icom Rigs and radio upgrades

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--- Quote from: Mildi on August 20, 2022, 10:32:30 pm ---I just suggested additions that will turn this version into a functional analogue of the original "icom EX-428 ram writer" programmer.

--- End quote ---

And good suggestions if someone would use them,  do you have an atmega to test? I could add the extra features in the code, but behind on work and would be a while for me to setup hardware to demo the LEDs and toggles switches.  would probably make it separate from this code so others could still run it on the smaller Arduino versions.  I added your supplied firmware as RAM14. 

Thank you.
I'm sure my fellow radio amateurs will like it.
And your work will be in demand, and people will thank you.

Updated 8/22/2022
Had an issue with the way I was pulling ram data from the program memory space

Here is a standalone version that I tested the additional inputs with digital IO controller.
4 pins for RAM selection, 3 LEDs (Programming, Pass, Fail)
1 Button to start programming, can still be controlled and viewed output in console.

Thanks a lot!
Already ordered a breadboard for installation on 2560.
When I return from a business trip, I will repeat the apparatus.
According to Murphy's law, the Icom battery runs out when there is no PC nearby to flash it...

I had made a programmer based on Arduino Uno.




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