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Quansheng UV-K5(8) firmware modding

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just bought Quansheng UV-K5-8 radio.
I want to play with custom firmwares with AM/SSB and spectrum view.
But first I want to backup factory firmware and calibration data. But it's not clear, how to do it on linux?

I read that on windows it can be done with k5prog-win which is designed for Windows and is based on k5prog which is available on linux.

Tried k5prog:

--- Code: ---$ ./k5prog -r -v
Quansheng UV-K5 EEPROM programmer v0.9 (c) 2023 Jacek Lipkowski <sq5bpf@lipkowski.org>

k5_prepare: try 0
cmd: 15 05 ok:1
******  Connected to firmware version: [2.01.32]
Successfully read EEPROM

--- End code ---

It wrote k5_eeprom.raw file with size 8192 bytes. But I'm not sure is that eeprom file contains calibration data, or is it needs to be read with different command?

And I don't see the option in k5prog to read exiting firmware from radio. In documentation it has option -b to write firmware, but I want to read it from the radio. Is it possible?

According to source code, it seems that the EEPROM size is 0x00002000 (8192) bytes.
And the last 0x00000200 (512) bytes is a calibration data block. Is it correct?

So, if I understand correctly, k5prog -r reads all EEPROM include factory calibration data and it is enough for backup. Is it correct?

In case you have not already,
search "Chirp" and "Quansheng UV-K5-8 firmware"
They might get you to a forum with users

I was used Chirp on windows. But now I'm on linux and looking for linux software which is open source. Chirp is more general software, I want some specific for the radio to avoid a bunch of unwanted code and data.

At a glance it looks that k5prog is good enough for all modding stuff. I saved backup of EEPROM calibration data.

But I still didn't tried to flash custom firmware, because I don't know how to backup existing firmware.

It looks that there is no way to read existing firmware through baofeng cable. Is it correct?

I backupped old fw of my K5.
But never going to back, new modded works so well.
There is 2 different programs, fw updater and other to add frequency etc.
I have heard Chirp works but havent tested yet.


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