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Question about DTV frequency allocation in Europe


I don't know if RF regulation matters belong in this forum, but here it goes:

There has been a kerfuffle lately in Greece, because the government wants to limit the number of over the air DTV broadcast licences to just 4.

To back this decision up, they introduced a study from Florence School of Regulation. I don't have access to the full text, but here are the conclusions: http://www.ereportaz.gr/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/eui-greece_final_report_excerpts.pdf

What strikes me as odd is this one:

--- Quote ---iv. The maximum number of multiplexes assigned to Greece in the sub-700 MHz band, by GE06 agreement, is 4. 2 of them are reserved for public TV broadcasting, while the other 2 could be used for private TV broadcasting. Since a multiplex using the current technology and a robust coding scheme can carry 20 Mbit/s, and hence a maximum of 2 HD channels, the total number of nationwide private channels that can be transmitted in Greece is 4. Considering that each license will be issued for a slot relating to one nationwide channel only, the number of licenses that should currently be auctioned by the Greek Administration cannot therefore exceed the 4.
--- End quote ---

It doesn't make any sense. How can an international agreement limit the multiplexes (or does it mean multiplexers?) to a certain number?

For what it's worth, there are over 30 nation-wide channels broadcasting right now in Greece.


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