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Receive a GPS Signal onboard a Train?

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I have a bunch of USB GPS's they all will store the so called ephemeris data for a while after they have been used, basically what I mean is use it a bit before you travel, like that same day.

Don't completely "cold start" it, because almost any GPS will have issues if you cold start it in a basement..or a metal box..

Behind mirrored glass in a metal train car is probably similar.

Lord of nothing:
But why does it drive insane after some short Signal Loss?  :-//

So, thank you for the information. I usually plan in advance how I will go and study the whole way. Therefore, it may not be useful to me. I was recently in Germany on a train and my gps did not catch it. Although if you lean out of the open window a little, everything catches perfectly. As a person who insanely loves the atmosphere of trains, this is very important to me. But the only thing I use for this is the train schedule https://www.dbreiseauskunft.com/de/ here.  So I don't think that I can use this, and nevertheless this information will be useful to my husband

Lord of nothing:
 ;) dont worry normally there is an Public Announcement before you reach the Station.
You can also use for Austria fahrplan.oebb.at .


--- Quote from: Lord of nothing on October 04, 2017, 12:09:24 pm ---The problem on the new Cars who have Windows who have a Metal Coating on. My ordinary USB GPS Receiver dont work.

--- End quote ---

Just install GPS antenna outside a car or a train and it will works  :)


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