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receiver antenna input protection

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My Kenwood R-1000 went hard of hearing recently and I suspect q1,a 3sk74,was taken out on a longwire. what type of diodes can I put at the input so I only do this once. and at what point does their C value affect HF reception?

A lot of people use 1n914 silicone (or oddball germanium) back to back.
it seems the standard now is the BAV99.
I took them out of my preamp, as there's more loss in VHF/UHF zone.

Tech Note here;

G'Luck! :-+

Also make sure you have a static drain on your "long wire", as antenna wires of any reasonable length are very prone to picking up static electricity. While it hasn't happened to me, a friend has damaged the input to his transceiver more than once due to static building up on a large wire antenna.


deep sigh


make an educated decision

Also the 1N5711 could be a good candidate too. Btw a storm with lightnings in aprox 40km distance from my QTH created 5-6mm long sparks against ground every 5-8 seconds off my 22m long wire antenna.. An unun at the input might be good solution as well (the unun grounded).


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