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Recommended design for a 50 ohm matched FM band class-A RF PA with 1W output


Wishing : class-A FM band PA with 1W output

The reason for this post is that I'm ordering a bunch of components from lcsc and owing to high shipping costs, it makes sense to get "wishlist" components on top of the required components.

I'm using an AliExpress linear pre-amp at the output of a LimeSDR and it's output is driving a MRF101AN reference design. Eventually, I'd like to be able to have everything on a single PCB (integrate the reference design of the MRF with a pre-amp on the same board).

I guess there are all kinds of 50 ohm matched gain blocks available, and perhaps some standard transistor designs offering 1w output power in the FM band with not too complicated matching, so asking if anyone has any experience or suggestions for the same.

I'm ordering a nanoVNA to take guesswork out of matching impedances in the future if need be.

Thanks. 73 // VU2TVE

You would generally use Class C amplifiers for an FM transmitter.

Class A isn't needed and Class C is more efficient.

I understand, but I'm experimenting with creating a multi carrier signal, so a linear amplifier is required.

My basic internet research tells me that a company called micro-circuits makes amplifier ic's that may be suitable...


If anyone knows more such modules, or even transistors/mosfets offering a simple design, i'm willing to try :)


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