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Replacement antennas for 2.4 and 5.8GHz wireless routers

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 I think once I just move the Roku to the other side of the TV with the extension cable it will be fine. I'm guessing that the shielding in the TV is what's blocking the signal here. Having the device hanging on a piece of cable will also allow me to try various orientations, since I have no idea which way the antenna is aligned inside it - I suppose I could take it apaaaart  ;D and see. Couple of days I will have the cable - didn't have an HDMI extension around, never had a need for one. And I wasn't going to pay local store prices for one.

Its likely putting it on a cable will also get it away from RFI, and that may well improve the connection right there, you might also try putting one or two clip on EMI suppression beads on whatever cable you are using.

 Well, I did hedge my bet a little - in addition to the HDMI extension I grabbed a long enough Ethernet cable. All else fails, hard wire and get a different player - my old one is hard wire only, but it's one of the first media players and can't handle some of the newer encoding. Suppression beads, not a bad idea. I think I have some in my junk box that might work.


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