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Replacement antennas for 2.4 and 5.8GHz wireless routers

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 Does anyone have any experience with these? I see on eBay any number, not all from China even, although I'm sure at the prices they all are and some just ship from US locations. Anyway, they are advertised as 5, 7, and even 9dBi gain - is this just wishful thinking or do any of them actually give a decent amount of gain? I don't need a huge boost, just a bit stronger signal to the living room and if I can do it for a few dollar's worth of antennas instead of a full on repeater, it would be a bonus.

You might get a bigger improvement by moving the existing router antenna(s) around a little and/or changing channels. I tried some higher rated gain antennas one time and they didn't work as well as the factory originals. I am sure there are some that will work better depending on design, available ground plane etc. Technically as you increase gain performance will improve in one plane while being reduced in another, so if you're covering multiple floors they may work against you.

 My router has 4 antennas, so I have them all oriented differently - it helps with my iPad and iPhone. What's killing me is my Roku Stick, with the changed placement of the TV, LOS is now almost diagonally through the screen and (possibly, not sure of the internal arrangement) circuit board. It's also some 10 feet further away. Former location had a nice direct path (through some interior walls) with no metal or electronic devices between them, and it worked great. It connects, but with too poor a signal strength to actually operate. I'm pretty sure the only way I can fix this is to get a repeater and put it in a position with clear LOS to both the router and the Roku. I actually get decent signal out back on the patio with my ipad, and that's MUCH further distance, through 2 interior and one external walls. All on the same level - I haven't experimented with the basement yet, but the rest of my house is all one floor. My other option is to just ditch the Roku Stick and get a Roku 2 or 3 and run an Ethernet cable through my basement and up to one of the gig ports on my router.
 Edit - the TV itself gets a nice solid signal - but it only uses 2.4GHz G and has insufficient bandwidth for HD streaming - not to mention no handy app (I use Plex on the Roku)

I used one some time ago, found that the extra gain was at the expense of being highly directional to the point that moving a few feet either side of the antenna when close reduced the signal to the point that it dropped out it did enable me to get a signal the other end of the house though. The router I now have dose not allow for external antennas so I no longer have the unit.

I recently made one of these for use on a 2.4GHz (analogue) video link, and was AMAZED with the results!


Might even get a Blue Peter badge out of it! :-)


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