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Restoration of FT-480R

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New update this morning.

Powering the radio the display came to live but only partial, looks like the case of many HP34401a DMM with the VFD problem, half numbers, when the main dial is turn, the half numbers stay the same, so can't read the frequency.
Toggling the radio on and off, the display pass from showing half numbers to only showing the dots, separating the decimal places.

I've take some measurements, the +5V are on the VFD entrance, also the -24V all steady, but I take the measurement on the display pins, like on the page 191 of the manual (PDF), half right of the display show +5V on all the pins, but the left side show all negative voltages on almost every pin.
I've check RB03 and RB04 block of resistors, they all show 100K ~5%, the manual doesn't say the value of this.
My best bet for now is the VFD is bad.

But will dig some more.


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