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rf explorer upconverter mod?



So this fits nicely in my chassis and it does what I want, which is to be able to get HF on my SDR. But my SDR (plutosdr) is 6GHz, and the bypass mode on that upconverter is 4GHz.

Does anyone think that its possible to mod that upconverter to pass 6GHz ok in the bypass mode?

Or does anyone know of a similar product that has a higher frequency range? Not really sure if its the LNA, the switch, the coupling capacitors or maybe the connectors.

My auxiliary empty steel plate that would be used for mounting this is 18.5 x 14.5 cm. I thought it might be possible to do this with modules but its a tight fit.

Actually the bypass mode is 6GHz capable, it is designed for 4GHz but has only additional linear attenuation at higher frequencies so may work very well in your setup.

Ok, it looks like a solid choice then. Might linear attenuation come from low quality passive components ?

If you check the circuit, there are two RF switches, typically adding this kind of linear attenuation


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