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Hello friends,

I am looking for a source to design the RF filters (bandpass filters) and simulate. For instance, MATLAB/PSpice or web based tools such https://markimicrowave.com/technical-resources/tools/lc-filter-design-tool/ might do the job but practical results will always be different to theoretical. I would like to know from you experts, based on your experience, can you suggest me the best option to go with?

I am asking this because I have a radio board that is tuned for 868MHz. However, the RF IC can support 435MHz too. I want to replace the filter circuit. The ideal case for me would be to simulate the existing circuit and then change the components in the software accordingly to support 435MHz.


If you want free then QUCS Studio is among the better out there.
Do also grab the examples to see how to use it.




I have found Elsie to give very good results but it needs realistic values of Q for the inductors and capacitors. In the case of UHF, component lead lengths, track lengths/widths and the effect of nearby shielding, will probably make it necessary to fine tune the filter on a trial and error basis. My experience with Elsie is limited to HF, but the measured response was very close to the calculated.



I use QUCS. I've never tried the Studio version. It is very important to include the parasitics for the response to match what you build. For the components I use the manufacturer's S parameters, and minimize any interconnect length between components (put the parts right next to each other). If you don't minimize the board traces, you'll have to model those.


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