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RF noob question: SMA port savers: from where do you get them ?

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Got tinySA/LiteVNA for fun but I connect and disconnect them more times than I expected.

I checked the usual places from where I get stuff (Mouser/Eleshop/Reichelt/even Amazon) but either I am too dumb or they are not there.

So, where do you find this SMA port savers ?
(with bonus thanks for places that might have other GHz RF'ies like mixers and filters :))

In-Series Adapter


--- Quote from: trophosphere ---In-Series Adapter
--- End quote ---

Looking at the price I remember how I did not find them on Mouser. Sometimes the subconscious decides...

Haven't tried them, but I could only find 90 degree Angle on Amazon for Chinesium parts :
For straight through Chinesium, would need to use Aliexpress or similar I think.

Bit of a crapshoot how it will perform though in the couple GHz range.


--- Quote from: Marco on August 12, 2022, 11:25:12 pm ---Bit of a crapshoot how it will perform though in the couple GHz range.

--- End quote ---

Also risk damaging connectors on other devices, as their interpretation of the tolerance specs on connectors tends to be quite loose...


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