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Good Day Guys,
I would like to ask expert advices because I'm very interested in doing RF test automation. As a newbie I would like to know where should I start? Is there a step by step procedure that I need to follow?
Is there any websites, reading materials ,videos and etc. that this forum can provide. Thank you very much
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Do you mean EMI Compliance test? Your question is broad open, you have to say what RF characteristics you want to test.

Get a few RF test equipment manuals. Learn about SCPI. Take a look at LabView. Those should be the standard tools in an RF lab.

We have some excellent online tutorials on automating test and measurement instruments


It's very easy (and essentially free) to get started with automation.  I would recommend just starting small with some basic commands / queries using SCPI.  Sending an *IDN? and getting a response is kind of the "Hello World" of test automation :)

We also published a really good (paper) book on this topic as well, but it's long out of print.  Most of the important information from that book is on the webpages :)

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For now my focus is testing and characterizing RF Power amplifiers. I want to automate the measurement of each parameters.


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