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RF Testing Houses for Certification India, South Korea and Mexico

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We currently have FCC certification for our Bluetooth devices but also need certification in each of these jurisdictions.  Can anyone recommend testing houses in any of those jurisdictions who are good and don't cost the earth?

Thanks !

Hi. We design for assorted OEMs in the PC industry and from a miserable experience with Canadian test houses, ages ago who tried to r-a-p-e us on fees and bogus documentation to milk us out of higher than the $5k we prepaid, we made it our mission to find competitive yet certified test houses. Found an amazing house in Virginia who tested the SAME product (OEM design for Logitech at the time) TWICE to confirm the results. This shop in Virginia said the SAME product design met all requirements for the FCC spec so the shop in Canada is out of line. The test engineer wanted to actually wanted to chat with the Canadian shop but they declined. We felt that we had to 'beg' the Canadian shop with after hour premium funds to assist us. Just a sick experience. They lost out of hundreds of test projects for the thousands we have designed since then.

Over the years, have been to Asia many times and the rates are even better there. We use offshore shops to test for FCC, CE and other specs for our products.

Sharing one contact of many that we have used - they charge ~$120 USD for a pre-compliance sweep of the product in their lab vs. $5K-$10K in Canada.

Here are the details of our last contact who may still be there:

--- Quote ---Adil Cheung
Shenzhen FIC Service Co., Ltd.
Web: www.fic-lab.com
--- End quote ---

Thanks for this.  Yes, we have used Chinese certified testing houses for FCC in the past at reasonable prices, especially compared to the U.S. based testing houses.  We were very impressed with their attention to detail and communication, and the price was great.  I took a look at the link you posted, that company doesn't list Mexico, South Korea or Mexico as being jurisdictions they specialise in and I know that certain of the jurisdictions we need require the involvement of an in-country testing house, but I don't know for how much of the process (i.e., just for handling the documentation).  I have since located a list of Indian certified testing houses, haven't as yet found the same for Mexico and haven't yet turned our mind to South Korea since this is not as important as the other two for our client.

When people have complained about local test houses I have posted three or four times about doing this, got no no takers, no comments.
I have always found places such as these provide far better results.
Their test reports have world wide certification, use them.
Have even had local test houses that put up a front of being helpful but are useless.
Enables me to just get on with what I do.

This is actually therapy for me. It boils me so much to work long hours and then waste the funds on wrong vendors with attitudes. Respectively, it is satisfying to find nice partners who actually want us to succeed with quality service, support and with fair pricing. We are all for that. We are cheerleaders for 'buy and support local' but will not do so at rip-off pricing.

Hope some of these posts help. Updating now with another contact we met pre-covid who mentions Bluetooth testing & certification support.

BTW: Met each one of these suppliers at past electronic trade fairs in HK (Wanchai & Global Sources - airport). They are usually held in April (smaller size but still very large) vs. October - world's largest fair. I am planning - not confirmed yet - the one this October. Nepcon dates are showing in October now but nothing yet for the Wanchai / Global Sources Electronic Fairs. They are to be confirmed on their websites. Do consider a visit to get a feel of the synergy at these fairs. For us, one new contact pays for the trip.

--- Quote ---oversea@cblueasia.com <oversea@cblueasia.com>

Wish you have a goodday!

I would like to introduce our platform to your company, which may better meet your needs.Our advantages are as follows:

1. BQB certification: We have been authorized BQTF qualification by SIG and are the first labto expand Bluetooth 5 capabilities in South China ; two sets of test systems guarantee high efficiency, provide customers with a large number of test tools, and value-added services such as fixed frequency and retest if needed.

2. Chinese CCC , SRRC and CTA: our engineers are professional, and the fast channel saves time; the pre-test before delivery has a high pass rate.

3.Regulatory certification: FCC, CE, IC, RCM, MIC, etc.: Blueasia not only meets CNAS andA2LA, but also authorized by the United States, Canada and Japan. We also pay attention to emerging or difficult regional transfers and local testing services such as Southeast Asia, South Africa, and Brazil.

4. Alliance certification CARPLAY, ANDROID Auto, CARLIFE, etc.: Our automotive interconnection laboratory provides software testing and road test pre-review to help you manage the entire project

5, Customized performance laboratory: Provide customers with customized testing services. Such as Bluetooth, WIFI performance testing, smart car operating system development and acceptance services

Please kindly add my WeChat 13534225140 and I will arrange to share the latest information with you in time, thank you!

Lily Bai
Mobile/Wechat : 13534225140

BlueAsia Technology Services (Shenzhen),Limited
Address: No.41. Complete Set, South Beihuan Road, Shangwu Community, Shiyan Sub-District, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
公司地址:深圳市宝安区石岩街道上屋社区北环路南 41 号整套(地铁6号线上屋地铁口D出口200米)
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