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RF Triode Filament Monitoring Circuit

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Thank you for the clear explanation.  I am digging further into the schematics to see how the designers monitor and create protection faults for out of range plate HV, plate current, etc.  Looking at this in a real working amplifier is the best way for me to learn new things otherwise theory becomes too abstract.

Jerry NY2KW

Just be careful there are voltages in there that can kill you dead'er than a hammer...


--- Quote from: AF6LJ on April 08, 2016, 06:50:32 pm ---RF tends to get places you don't want it, even when you have a board and a sub chassis that are connected with a common ground. The ground wire can pick up RF internal to the amplifier and that can be problematic.

Without seeing the internals that is my best educated guess.

--- End quote ---

There are 2 different ground symbols on the schematic, so there might be 2 different grounds used in the equipment.

Indeed.  :-+


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