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RS-UV3 an $89 Transceiver Sheild - Any thoughts?

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Cliff Matthews:
IEEE Spectrum did a hands-on review a couple of days ago. http://spectrum.ieee.org/geek-life/hands-on/hands-on-a-ham-radio-for-makers
Is this a good way for Nubies to start ham Radio?

Great!. But would like to see SSB.

There's a massive interest in Arduino and Raspberry Pie shields right now, this one is very cool indeed. I think i want one just to play with :)

It might be fun to play with but there are much cheaper ways to test the waters.  The shield is $90 USD and only puts out a 1/4 watt.  I just picked up at the Orlando Hamcation, a Baofeng UV-82 dual band handie-talkie for $40.  It's bigger than the UV-5R+ and fits my hand very nicely.  Even does broadcast FM receive so I can listen to my favorite radio station.

That's Cool... I see a small APRS radio.......

It's a conventional three band rig on a PC board?


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