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Schlumberger 4017 Stabilock from 1986

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Found this Schlumberger 4017 Stabilock in a local junk yard. Have not turn it on yet, will open it up to make a inspection first, is it wort spending
time on this boat anchor?

I for one would try to get working...

Clean inside, staggering amount of trimmers, counted to 46-47 powers up, beeps, crackles and burps a bit, but after settling down some signals.
Edit: found schemo for 4010, 4020 4021 4022 quite straight forward machine, i save the 10Mhz ovenized crystal reference and junk the rest.

Keep those decade switches, they are quite useful at times, especially make sure to use a wire to keep the whole assembly with the end pieces and spacers together. They can be BCD, reverse BCD or even 1 of 10 selection depending on the model. Quite useful at times to do selection of data or for selecting data that can change occasionally.

yes, thanks for the reminder! :-+


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