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Sourcing/Designing High Power Edge Wound Inductors

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Does anyone have any literature or resources on designing an edge wound inductor? Similar to this https://www.rfparts.com/coils-and-coil-form/8911553-13-p.html

 Is there any companies that still make these? This is for a High Power(120kW) RF Amp I'm in the process of designing. I would be using these for the Anode Choke circuit.

Try Jackson Transformer Co, Florida.
They can do the edge-wise winding.

Sounds like a job for 3D printing (the frame, that is)?

This company in Hungary does chokes and inductors that way

Thank you everyone for the suggestions, I will reach out to these companies. Has anyone had experienced making one of these from scratch? I need this inductor have an SRF above 50 MHz & withstand voltages of 20kV, 20A. The high power RF tetrode industry isn't really around so it seems many of these companies don't exist or were acquired and changed. In one of our existing systems we use one from Cardwell Condensor Corp. for example.


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