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Pirooz Parvarandeh was our first formal CTO that put together IQ and a bunch of other progressive initiatives as we got bigger, siloed and saw the need to formalize that function.  Shear was a founder and was essentially the CTO for Maxim's first 20 or so years.  He ran a group called TR&D, Technology, Research and Development where process development, yield enhancement, failure analysis, modelling and CAD was run.  He also ran the FABs; Later, Fab operations and TR&D were split up and the CTO (Pirooz) ran it and a CTO organization.  Fab Operations was split off to group closer to test and back end there were some ragged edges like lithography and advanced yield.  Shear was an impressive guy and wore a lot of hats over the years.  I reported up to him in a corporate apps (business development) function that reported to TR&D before other re-orgs.  We were growing at 30%/yr for about 5 years and trying to figure out how it should all fit together took some iterations.

We had relationships with all the first class EE schools in the country and had very special relationships with certain Stanford, MIT, Berkeley and UCLA faculty and programs that usually involved Maxim sponsoring some work at those schools and the profs giving talks annually at Maxim.  Through formal means, alumnae or reputation, we had access to all of the important Analog academics and consultants on the planet.

Indeed fun times.


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