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Teardown: Kathrein GSM900 base station sector antenna

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Today I visited a ham-fest to gain some much needed (....) parts & 'stuff'.  One of the things on my shopping list was some semi-rigid coax.
As it turned out, no loose semi-rigid was to be found. 

What I did find and what had ample semi-rigid was a Kathrein GSM900 cell base station antenna. Which changed hands for the princely sum of EUR 5.  Me dragging it out of the building gave rise to to more than few raised eyebrows  :o After muttering some niceties because it only just fitted in the car I took it home.

Picture series shows the teardown of this antenna.  This particular version has separate 7/16 connectors for connection to the horizontally and vertically polarised antenna.  Construction is very solid Deutsche Gr√úndlichkeit: stainless steel bolts, silvered connectors, tons of pop rivets to obtain a very rigid construction etc.  The Kathrein catalog promises 15 years of maintenance free operation.   As can be seen extensive lengths of semi-rigid, or more exact Huber & Suhner Sucoform 141.  The cables are connected via soldered-on 'junction boxes'.  The white blocks are plastic spacers.

More pictures

Yet more pictures

And a bit more pictures, one with part of the wiring



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