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Teardown: Siemens Hilfssender (auxiliary transmitter), microwave tube based

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On yesterday's hamfest over in Rosmalen (NL) I obtained a rather interesting piece of kit.  It calls itself Siemens Hilfssender. Or: auxiliary transmitter, built by Siemens of Germany.

It has a microwave tube, an adjustable cavity (from what I now know), it is built from silver plated brass, it weighs a ton and is testament to the proverbial Deutsche Grundlichkeit. I think it is for use around 2.4GHz (assuming I interpret the readout correctly that corresponds to the
tuning of the cavity).

I am really curious if one of the EEVbloggers has any clue what this puppy belongs to?  I also wonder about it having only one RF connection? Oscillator?  I cannot find a partnumber on the tube unfortunately.

Partnumber badge

On the bottom the adjustmet axle, with the frequency readout scale

on the side is a pickup for the RF sticking in the cavity (detailed picture follows)
The axle at the bottom allows adjustment of the cavity

Screw-on cap for access to the tube

And the cap itself, with strong spring

Once the cap is removed the tube socket becomes visible.

With the side cap on the cavity removed


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