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The Chinese AWG signal generator for RF/AM/FM alignment question (again)

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I do a fair amount of work on old tube receivers and such - If you ask die-hard hams what is a good modern digital sig generator to radio alignment you typically get long drawn-out responses on why the 70 year old stuff is the best or a HP hernia machine frequ synthesizer (I have a fleet of this gear and am wanting to get to at least the last 10 years in technology by doing this with a digital full-featured rig). I am hoping for a more rational recommendation from other EEs (of which I am one too). My specialty kept me from being as good as some of the guys here for signal-processing gear selections :-)

Assume under $1500.00 for starters, but some of the gear like the Siglent SDG1032X look good if you can live without 100+Mhz.

The Siglent SDG2122X or a hacked SDG2042X works fine to 120MHz as long as you don't need FM Stereo--although there might be a way to implement that too with the correct modulation scheme.  You do need some attenuators to get signals down to -70dBM.  What I use when I need FM Stereo or a higher frequency is a recycled CMU-200.  You need to have the specific FM Stereo option and if you can get the audio options that's even better.  You should be able to find one under $1500 and although it is still pretty big, it is modern and not all that heavy.

I figured as much - no real easy button solutions. The Siglent SDG2122X looks like a good option, but more than I want to spend right now. For a bit I'll stick with my Eico 324 and HP 3325A.

Wallace Gasiewicz:
I believe the best tool for servicing both receivers and transmitters is a service monitor.You get a nice freq generator and spectrum analyzer along with audio generators that can be used to modulate the RF.
Unfortunately most of them in your quite reasonable price range are a bit older than 10 years and most are big.
I use an HP 8935

You need a communication service monitor. You won't believe how better life gets once you have all the tools in one unit.

I use the IFR COM-120B, it is excellent and can be found used in your price range.


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