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The difference between Coaxial Cable and Two Wires?

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--- Quote from: coppercone2 on January 26, 2023, 12:16:22 am ---if you are curious about what you made, research 'twin lead'. Basically its radiating alot compared to the coax in there (coax screen is made to be low leakage) and there is a reflection effecting SNR, and probobly other stuff is happening.

I kinda recommend you don't do this for something you might need to call for help on. Cell phones have a bit of power to them, and very small chips. I wonder if you are over heating something in there, along with some other things.

It's kind of like replacing a copper pipe in the basement with a piece of soaker hose that is the wrong dimensions. Kind of a  bad analogy because they also have coaxial cable that is more like a soaker hose (RF distribution used in mines), so maybe call it a aquaduct, idk. Because there are two ways to screw this up, using the wrong impedance, and also the wrong type, you did basically both.

Did you check your phones reception in a place where it used to bearly work?

this is what you did

wheras a good coaxial cable is this
(their not perfect!)

Well, if you put a proper twin lead in there (engineered), it would also not leak much (I suspect it would still be worse then a coax), but thats not what you got there.

--- End quote ---

I did check my phone in places where it barely worked. My phone signal is actually better now than it was before it was broken. Maybe I just got lucky.

or they adjusted a transmitter. The telecom company goes out to measure signal strengths and stuff once in a while. I saw them do it. Or they put up more equipment to service more people, or adjusted equipment as result of a conflict, carrier change, system mod, fixed a mispositioned antenna (i.e. rectified wind damage), replaced a dodgy amp, fixed a supply problem, etc. Those things are not static. Unless you have a graph over time with a more stable receiver in the same place, those results are suspect. And its also susceptible to atmospheric conditions. It just takes one mod or company going out of business or something for them to start repositioning antennas height on a tower.

And it could have to do with transient phenomena like environmental changes involving physical obstructions near the transmitters, like roof work, scaffolding, or what have you.

Plausible reasons why it improved ASSUMING that the RF signal is constant (likely not).

1) From the very point of manufacture, the cell phone had some seriously dodgy solder joint or something, which greatly degraded the proper hardware, and then when you put a wire, it improved because there was a real connection path due to a solder touch up. Or like a damaged connector with a deformed pin or receptacle, damaged coaxial, bad crimp, etc.  Those micro connectors like SMB or smaller are VERY easy to damage by kids working in the factory. or the factory wanted coax and they sold it gold medal flour  :D

2) And you also mention a new frame. It does not sound like you tested the unmodified hardware in the new case before you broke it. A case change is something I would think to possibly improve SNR if the original is shit, but replacing a RF line with dodge city is not something I would think would help anything. Even if they are totally plastic, you still might have different spacing between the hardware parts, which effects the RF "ground plane" most likely.  I don't know what a frame is, I assume its the phone enclosure (not the extra case you put the phone in). Could even have to do with just reseating some connectors that were not making proper contact due to improper assembly that made the phone work as it should, dislodging some contamination, so forth.


Just so long it does not turn into a stupid tik tok about improving your phone by putting speaker wire in it you know? mr bean could make a skit about this (advanced version of the TV antenna bit).

Just to make it clear. I don't recommend this method of fixing the coaxial cable.

This was the most practical fix for me at the time. It worked perfectly for me so I don't see the need to solder in a coaxial cable.
Your own mileage may vary.

What I do however recommend is to experiment and try different solutions. You will see that many times a practical solution is possible without compromising any fundamentals!


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