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Folks, it has been some time since I last visited "The Radio Board" forums (theradioboard.com) and I was surprised to see what seems to be some kinda/sorta parking page; anyone knows what happened ?

I can't answer your question.

But it had lot of good stuff.

Archives viewable here: https://web.archive.org/web/20210812233115/http://theradioboard.com/

The board appears to be dead.

No surprise its its gone off air.
Its been quite dead for a long time, one post every two or three days.
This one is much more active and interesting   https://antiqueradios.com/forums/index.php


TRB (The RadioBoard) is (was ?) a low traffic forum, but full with good stuff and knowledgeable people hanging around, that's why from time to time I lurked there and enjoyed reading discussions about new project and other stuff, the two main "bosses" of the site are/were Dave Schmarder and Jim Kearman; but now the whole forum went "poof" and even if the web archive site (thanks for remining me vk3yedotcom) carries some stuff, a lot of discussions and posts are missing.

I just hope it's a matter of web site or domain transfer and/or cybersquatting (although the latter won't be so good) and not something worse  :(


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