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Transmit many LVDS clock signals across multiple boards.


I am designing a system where I need to many transmit LVDS (say C+ and C-) clock signals (around 1GHz) across different boards. The solution I see in many reference circuits is to use 2 SMA coaxial cables (one for each differential signal). I find this rather costly and clumsy (4 SMA connectors and 2 cables for one signal). How can I transmit the LVDS signal using one cable?
I was thinking of 2 ways to resolve this
1) Converting the differential signal using balun transformers (on both receiver and transmitter ends). Convert differential to single ended and then back to differential.
2) One more solution I was thinking (not sure whether this is correct) is to connect C+ to core and C- to the shield of the coaxial cable. Can this be done ?

Can someone suggest which solution should I go for? Or any other better cost effective solution where I can properly transmit the signal using a single cable?


Google for controlled impedance connectors and, if necessary, microstrip/stripline/coplanar waveguide.

Differential signalling better than single-ended from the point of view of noise immunity and EMI/EMC.

I dont know about 1GHz, but sata cables and connectors are one of my favorite things for LVDS between boards.
If you want something much less pony, Samtec have what you need for up to way more then 1Ghz.

Regards, Dan.


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