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TRIO DIP Meter DM-801 pics

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the pictures aren't super quality, but that's what I can do, hope you enjoy

here is the manual, if somebody wanna take a look  http://www.radiomanual.info/schemi/ACC_instrument/Trio_DM-801_user.pdf


Muttley Snickers:
Very nice overview  :-+, I've never torn mine down and never had a need to really as they are a great and super reliable piece of equipment, yours could perhaps be a cheap nasty knockoff of my Kenwood :) which I have had for well over 20 years. I remember when I first got it for the purpose of building antennas I ran around checking the resonant frequency of everything in sight, the kettle, the toaster, the clothes line but I could never catch the neighbours cat.

Many thanks for the great pictures, here is one of mine to compare.

nope, genuine stuff made in japan

Muttley Snickers:
It was a joke, they are exactly the same meter badged as Trio or Kenwood and perhaps other brands..... :)


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