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Trying to understand MMIC PA usage

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Thanks for the replies. The point made about converting the power transistor's output impedance to the final output impedance using the matching LC network (whether internal or external to the PA IC) which inherently necessitates increasing the output voltage makes sense to me, at least in a superficial sort of way. I glanced at the Cripps paper along with some other load-pull information, but it's way over my head. That said, I'm willing to accept the accuracy of the datasheet, after all, who am I to argue with it? I suppose any further interest I might have in this would be well spent trying to better understand matching networks. Up to this point, perhaps due to it's name, I assumed the RFC in the output transistor bias tee of various amp ICs and power transistors was merely to limit injection of upstream noise into the power supply. So it would seem that's not strictly true.


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