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Want to take a guess at what radio is used here?

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Came across these and find them interesting. Not because I want them, but I wonder what type of radio they might use. No frequency specified.


They claim "no bluetooth or wifi needed", but you can control them from your smartphone. They also claim a range of 10 meters. If I get to curious I might buy one, but not sure I bother.

Audio? Sure looks like a speaker symbol in one of the pictures.

Sure does... Looks like a vertically mounted radio module on there though. Could of course be audio reception and processing. They say you can turn off your lights from outside after you closed the door behind you, would not be easily done with an audio signal I think.

Those are acoustic. The white plastic bobble on short leads contains an electret mic. However, I don't know what kind of acoustic signal is sent. The people who make these also make bluetooth lighting gadgets controllable from an Android phone or iphone app, but the units you referenced are definitely the acoustic type.

I actually never noticed that white bobble hanging off there. Thanks guys, guess the mystery (to me) is solved :)


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