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What is the best place to find new Gunn diodes?

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I wanted a gunn diode for microwave experiments. However, I can't find them at the normal places I get most of my electronic components (Digikey and Mouser). I did google searches "digikey gunn diode" and "mouser gunn diode", but they don't seem to have any. Are these such specialty components that even major electronic component distributors like Mouser and Digikey don't have them?

I know there are some on eBay, but they are all Russian components. Probably taken from some Soviet era radar equipment, that's decades old, so likely poor quality and not a reliable component. I want something made by well known semiconductor component manufacturers, preferably new, and not used.

or a substitute made of whatever

i think there is a peak gunn diode problem.  >:(

You sure about that?


Is in stock at Digikey.   I'd start at 10 Ghz if I were new to microwave, but MACOM modules are all over the place, easily available.

thats like buying a house to get the toilet

Soviet components are not poor quality, especially those with rhombus - military grade mark. I don't think you can easily get any western branded part, especially for sane price. EDIT: also military part numbers start from digit, consumer grade from letter.

--- Quote ---Probably taken from some Soviet era radar equipment
--- End quote ---
Most of them are brand new (old stock), many in factory packaging.


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