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What's up with the price of morse keys?

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I've been looking around and there's SFA available on the cheap.

Now, I realise these are slow moving items, so new ones have a super-margin, but cw operators are a dying breed. Literally. Where is all their used gear going? Who the hell is driving up the price?

Personally, I'd like an antique with some history. Because that's just cool. But where are they? Are spouses and children throwing them away because it's just a useless old switch?

Maybe I just haven't been searching the 'bay for long enough.

Can't do the morse yet, only up to 13 Koch chars, but I intend to reward myself with a nice key.

Search ebay for "LLaves Telegraficas Artesanas"   ;)  Paddle not a key... but maybe you want a paddle?

Ha! Even that's not expensive. Seems about middle of the road on price. But I'm really after a key to start with anyway. Tradition.

The are old style morse keys from Kent:

I found the Kent website while I was looking earlier.

Like all websites HAM it's straight out of 1998. I wasn't even sure they were still in business. Let alone have stock.


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