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Which 5G proof coax cable for sat. TV?

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Hi All,

I hope this is the right place, if not feel free to move it.

I (finally) start will installing (sat) coax cable in my house (rebuilding).

I’m in pretty rural area. My internet is now LTE, but I expect in the coming years 5G will become available.

Looking for some advise which cable type  to install (these go under floor in to the wall))?

What would be the “correct” parameters to look for:  50 to 75 ohm?  LMR ? (200/240/400/…) ?

Some help is much appreciated, thanks!

I'd recommend Kathrein KALCD 110+ or something similar. It has to be 75 Ohm impedance. Get something that is at least triple shielded.

I'd also recommend putting the coax into conduit so you can relatively easily change it if necessary. In DE that is a must for all low voltage, data and coax cables, don't know about NL.

Bonjour 5G power is so low and mm waves so easily blocked, that the coax is irrelevant.

We use Belden RG/59/U 75 Ohm for al cable/sat/CATV.

For very long runs the much thicker RG/6U has lower loss.

The widest BW cable si Belden 1494A, RG/6U, 6 GHz.


To obtain specified losses and BW use the Belden connectors and crimp tools.

Bon chance


Most likely a fixed 5G modem isn't going to have a coax connection at all but rather the unit mounts outside and is connected by Ethernet. Starlink dishes work the same way.

Paul B:
are you talking about 5G as in 5 th generation phone or sending high dater rates as when using a 5 G network or 5 GHz radio interference
as 5 G uses meany frequencies in its architecture including the ones used for 4 G

5 GHz radio can get into low grade coax so depending on its use 
if not going to be flexed or moved then coax with a foil screen is good
if the coax is to be moved or bashed about by the elements then screen over screen should be considered   
Run lengths should be considered and connectors can be the issue strongly suggest not screw on but ether solder on or crimp best being TNC or N connectors
regarding the type and make of coax others have already given good suggestions

but amusing you are just talking about low dater rates ( below 50 Meg bite ) from your modem then coax will most probably not be used 
and a screened cat cable should be considered not forgetting to use the correct plugs for screened cable otherwise the screen will not be connected

The use of conduit is a good suggestion makes things future prof , use the long sweeping bends and no T joints or hidden boxes also metal boxes are better for screening

Paul  :phew:



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