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Which ICs are Appropriate for Generating Very High Speed Pulse Waveforms

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Hi everyone,
I need to design a high speed pulse waveform generator. Minimum pulse width must be lower than 300ps and rise-fall time must be lower than 100ps. Delay resolution must be lower than 100ps between channels.
What is the best way to do it. I worked on high speed DACs with JESD204B interface in the past. But I am not sure if it is the correct way to generate pulses.
Can you tell me what kind of ICs is the best choice for this purpose?

Thanks in advance.

No need of DIY, the leo Bodnar 40ps pulser generator is the best.
low cost, great specs.

No connection just a satisfied user.

What voltage levels?  Maybe add a timing diagram to show more overall detail?

I've never tried to make a fast pulse or make the fastest transition possible with my parts. I've made a few multi-vibrators w/ BJT's. I should try making 1 of them as fast as I can, on a copper clad board.

Pulse generator has low top-side aberrations

--- Quote ---Impulse-response and rise-time testing often require a fast-rise-time source with a high degree of pulse purity. These parameters are difficult to achieve simultaneously, particularly at subnanosecond speeds. The circuit in Figure 1, derived from oscilloscope calibrators (Reference 1), meets the speed and purity criteria. It delivers an 850-psec output with less than 1% pulse-top aberrations. Comparator IC1 delivers a 1-MHz square wave to current-mode switch Q2-Q3. Note that IC1 obtains power between ground and –5 V to meet the transistors' biasing requirements. Q1 provides drive to Q2 and Q3. When IC1 biases Q2, Q3 turns off. Q3's collector rises rapidly to a potential determined by Q1's collector current, D1, and the output resistors combined with the 50 W termination resistor. When IC1 goes low, Q2 turns off, Q3 turns on, and the output settles to 0 V. D2 prevents Q3 from saturating.
--- End quote ---
I might try this Jim Williams circuit with an LM393 or IDK what I'd have close to the LT1394, I might have logic chips faster than the lm393 or lm311 I have.



David Hess:

--- Quote from: jonpaul on January 17, 2023, 12:25:41 pm ---No need of DIY, the leo Bodnar 40ps pulser generator is the best.
low cost, great specs.
--- End quote ---

The Leo Bodnar pulse generator uses a fast comparator from Analog Devices.  The LVC logic family may be fast enough when run from a 5 volt supply.  And then that leaves the fastest ECL logic families.  The largest problem here is not actually the choice of logic family, but the physical packaging and layout to minimize parasitic elements.

RF transistors can also do it when used to make discrete ECL logic, but unfortunately RF PNP transistors which make this easier are not longer manufactured.


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