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Which NanoVNA?

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--- Quote from: Kahooli on February 21, 2023, 07:24:36 pm ---I own a LibreVNA. It's a nicer device if you plan to use it as a bench device since you have the native software and large screen.
I have compared data results using it Up to 400Mhz and it's pretty decent compared to the E5061B I have at the office.

--- End quote ---

You should take the time to post some data for your LibreVNA showcasing its performance.   Back a page, I provided a link to some data for various low cost VNAs which included the LibreVNA. 


Since then, I have acquired a new version of the LiteVNA which further improves it's performance.   Odd your Keysight wouldn't be dramatically better.  That data included my very old Agilent PNA.   

A few of us were wondering about the high amounts of ripple that several users show with the LibreVNA.   It looks like it has a major problem but it could be the users not knowing how to run it.  I tried to watch a few reviews for it.  Some of talking head hams got the hardware for free to review but outside of unboxing it, that's about all you get.  I've yet to see an actual review from someone who knew what a VNA is.   With you having the Keysight, consider putting something together. 

For some background about the LibreVNA's ripple, read this and follow the links provided.

Comparing the data provided by one of the LibreVNA owners with the latest LiteVNA hardware.

Calibrating the LiteVNA using sorted Mini-circuits load and the short, open, thru from the V2Plus4 kit. Ideal model.  Both ports terminated measuring S21.

Libre_Lite_PNA_S21term_10GHz_10Avg:  Sweeping the LiteVNA from 100kHz to 10GHz with the leakage term enabled, 2kHz IFBW (default) and 10 averages.  I included my old PNA as a reference.   

Libre_Lite_PNA_S21term_1GHz:  Looking at the data below 1GHz, with no averaging.  Notice how the LibreVNA appears to perform really poorly at the lower end.  I'm sure it meets their spec but we are comparing a $120 vs $730 (current price from Amazon for the LibreVNA).    Not owning a LibreVNA to collect my own data, I can only go by what other users have posted.  You do get a full 2-port VNA with drift and you get to mount heatsinks to it to make it look cool.   Then there is always that question of  where does that ripple come from....

The LiteVNA's firmware normally limits the frequency range to 6.3GHz.

Of course, if you want to spend some cash, the Siglent SAV1032x sells for $3,470.   Again a user was nice enough to repeat the test using an IFBW of 10kHz.   The LiteVNA has a maximum IFBW of 4kHz. 

I do like that new LiteVNA hardware.

For that price, it looks like Siglent includes one of their famous rotary encoders. 


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