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Which one would you recommend Siglent SSA3032X-R or Rigol RSA3030N?

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I'm in a process of buying VNA and since it is my first purchase of proper VNA or spectrum analyzer, I would need some help deciding between these two:
Which one would you recommend Siglent SSA3032X-R or Rigol RSA3030N?

Price of Siglent is slightly lower but with Rigol is currently having some promotion so I could get EMI tool with probes for less.

Anyone has any experience with any of those?

Any advice will be appreciated since I don't have much experience buying VNA & SA. What should I pay attention to?

I almost forgot to add: I need it for EMI precompliance testing and antena/filter/balun tuning/matching.

Thank you, Darko

Unless you specifically need the RTSA consider the much cheaper SVA1032X. Except for the lack of RTSA the functionality/feature set is identical.
The range breaks down like this:
SSA3000X Plus = spectrum analyser
SVA1000X        = SA + VNA
SSA3000X-R     = RTSA + VNA

Options packages are mostly identical as is operation.
There are 2 promo packages running although I'm not aware if you can take advantage of both:


Did you consider the Rohde & Schwarz FPC1500? You'll get the "all options" bundle for 4.400€, which is an excellent deal in my opinion.


I did not know about Rohde & Schwarz FPC1500, so I'll consider it too, now that I know it exists. I took a quick look and it seems nice, but I would really like to have realtime spectrum analyzer with option to 'record' data and send it to PC for further analysis. If I'm not mistaken, Rohde & Schwarz FPC1500 is not realtime spectrum analyzer.

I have one specific problem with loosing some packets on wireless unit I developed and I would like to 'debug' what exactly happens on RF path when packet is lost.

Currently I'm leaning slightly more to the Siglent SSA3032X-R than Rigol RSA3030N (simply based on the price) but if someone knows some feature which would change recommendation to Rigol RSA3030N, please let me know.

Best regards, Darko


Siglent SSA3032X-R is in my basket, any last concern?

Regards, Darko


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