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Why are USB-C cables with ferrites rare?

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--- Quote from: AndyC_772 on April 05, 2024, 06:32:17 am ---Your neighbour who's into ham radio will moan at you, but life will go on.

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I heard stories when they do revenge like using transmitter or magnetron to stop FM radio/music center/WiFi/GSM device operation. :)

I'm going to go with door #5.

As time goes on, SMPS designs have improved, moved higher in frequency, and the designers have learned better layout, component placement, and choice of the actual components.

A lot of failures are from the USB cable radiating power supply noise while others are from (mostly) digital sources, layout and decoupling.

ALSO, as geometries of components have continually shrunk, as have product sizes, it's very common now that for a given emitter, there aren't any traces long enough to be a good radiator, hence compliance failures go down.

I'll add torture to the list.

Ignorance in design for EMC leads to lost schedules, possibly halted production, loss of a critical market window due to delays in fixing.  All can be expensive to VERY expensive.

If the engineer responsible hasn't been flogged :horse: for one or more of the above, he/she is in a nice company  :)  You learn how to do it better.


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