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Why does my phone distort near running water ?

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Coincidently, running water is one of those things that really screws up mpeg video encoding too.

can you put obstructions in the way so it pours into a cup that overflows into the sink or something like that?

does it happen when its just filling a cup, does it happen when the cup over flows, is it different the pouring it directly into the sink? Or a ceramic bowl or something. put a big insulating bowl in there to rule out static charge first. If its still doing interference when its flowing into a bowl and not dripping into the grounded sink that means something.

does muffling the phone audio help at all? get it on a intermediate loudness setting so to test the audio theory you don't completely overload it and give it the opportunity to get louder then when you muffle the phone it would decrease the noise amplitude and change the frequency content.

and then by furnace its a oil? gas? electric? i would turn the water on and go to the furnace with the phone nearby see what happens, thats another thing to investigate after those 2 tests

and you were not clear, is it ONLY the hot water? It would be nice to prove

I find it interesting because I tried this with a landline phone with 2 sinks and when I put my head into them near the water flow with the phone as much as possible I don't hear anything.

Are you saying the phone does this to the person listening and I should try to call with the phone and pick it up and then listen, or do you hear it on the phone? I know for a fact that RF interference is audible on your headset. I don't know if audio overload does this. Do you hear it or is it a complaint?

Press the mute button while water is running and see if "static" disappears. If it does you know it is the echo cancellation kicking in.

forgot phones have one of those


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