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Anyone have an opinion of the following cobots/robots? going used for $10k but had issues with long term reliability

I'm looking to replace routine packaging operations primarily.  It would be nice if this could replace solder robots/hand insertion as well but don't think its there yet.  Basically repetitive tasks and industrial grade.  I would like it to be programmed directly from a cell phone app if possible (not a requirement).  Servo robots should be more accurate than stepper motors. 

Anyone else looking at this?

Would be interesting, but wait, what?

--- Quote ---xArm is powered by ARM X86 chip which is powerful enough to handle the complex controlling algorithm.
--- End quote ---

Yeah, it's gone now. That's quick!   :-+

Just read the FAQ on the EVA robot, plenty of things that I'd like to do with it that they don't recommend:

--- Quote ---What can’t Eva do?

    We don’t guarantee in-flight accuracy – so we can’t recommend welding, milling, 3d printing, laser cutting, drawing or in-line gluing applications.
    We don’t guarantee pose accuracy – i.e. to move x mm from a specific predefined point.
    Eva does not yet feature torque sensing. We do not recommend it for cutting or screwing.
    Eva is not certified to work with raw or unpackaged food or drinks, nor is it suitable for medical applications. However, many clean room use cases can be performed by covering the robot with a clean room sheath.
    Eva is not suitable for environments with a a risk of flash over or combustible dusts.

--- End quote ---
I'm interested in glue application for double sided boards as well as drilling and routing holes in enclosures. Some of these tasks don't really need sub-mm accuracy, so I guess it would be interesting if they could give some figures for the in-flight accuracy.
(Un)loading our top-loader vapour phase oven with a robot would be nice too as it's a really unpleasant job, specifically after the first cycle when the machine it hot and emits lots of vapour and nasty smells when the lid is opened.

Edit: Spot glueing is not a problem, so double sided board glue applications are well within reach.

@Reckless, do you happen to be affiliated with the company you had linked to? I find it really strange that they would update their website within minutes of an error being mentioned here.

Not at all.  I am a small business owner waiting for the rise of automation and cobots to automate mundane repeated tasks.

I almost bought each of these robots at one point but backed off as I think there is slight room for improvement.  I found one more company in vietnam making cobots selling directly on ebay.  Their unit works with an ios app which is what I think should have been designed like that in the first place.


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