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This might be a long shot;

Anybody aware of an open robotics community/project with something similar to:

 - Github like/style open source where all members can troubleshoot/add new features etc
 - Fairly standard robotics hardware implementation.  Not meaning available kits are a requirement, just everybody uses a Pi and X servo controller, sensor subset etc.  Something where the user hardware is similar enough to make most collaborations useful to the rest of the group.
 - A few hundred bucks can get you in to game.
 - Not tied to Windows as several of the interested party are Mac and Linux.
 - Not academic, but these are high school computer savvy students looking for a long term project on their own.

Anything similar to this exist?

Yes, there are a few ways to do that already.

Try ROS (Robot Operating System), free, open source, Windows, Linux (probably Mac, too, IDK):

Follow the tutorials to do things like that (demo at minute 9:55, the robot following a blue ball):


Can do much more, has a gazillion of features, including robots simulation if you don't have any hardware.  Any robot can be added to ROS, including DYI ones.

Thanks, I had a much different understanding of ROS, off to research I go.

Yeah, I didn't mean to imply a global standard, just something of that particular project, to make it easier to get up and running.  Hard to get these guys interested in a project when their pretty green and have nothing to play with.

I'll spend some time with ROS this weekend, perhaps that will do the trick.

bump for an interesting question....


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