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Micro stepper motors with lead screws and their thread

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Normally I'd say that you could sacrifice one lead screw and turn it into a tap to make your own nylon nuts. This looks a bit small to be able to do that though.

Thank you all for the suggestions. Where I could find higher resolution pictures, the screws look more like lead screws rather than a regular screw thread. This would explain why the pitch is different.

I was going to make my own nuts as Kjelt has suggested, but then I found a variety which comes with a neat copper (brass?) nut:

This one also seems to have 0.25 pitch. Probably some sort of a standard for small lead screws.

Domagoj T:
Here are the photos of the steppers I have. I had to upload them to the google drive since they are bigger than max attachment size.

I don't have the model you are asking about, but hopefully this is close enough for discussion.
The markings on the ruler are 1 mm apart, so we can count pixels to get a fairly accurate measurements:
For the bigger one I got 1,94 diameter and 0,238 mm pitch which sounds like imperial.

The smaller one is much smaller, so probably irrelevant for the discussion.
Hope this helps.


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