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This is the place for test and measurement and embedded stuff, but I guess not so much mechanical. 

Who hosts the best home-shop robotics forum these days?  Preferably something that has an active community building bigger stuff, like what would be considered a "heavyweight" battlebot or bigger mobile platforms. 

Hey Smokey,

I watch Battlebots!

Did you see my message?

I'm not actually looking at building a battlebot, but the mobile platform I'm working on is about that size so the components are similar in some cases.  I said that to differentiate from a forum that maybe specializes in something like micro-mouses, which while interesting are a different thing.

Sunday bump.  Where do you mechanical robotics people hang out besides here?

One last post-datacenter-fire-apocalypse bump, then I'll let this die I guess.

Where for art thou, active hobby roboticists forums?


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