Author Topic: Yahoo (Ex SKY) email and Thunderbird  (Read 1248 times)

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Yahoo (Ex SKY) email and Thunderbird
« on: March 20, 2022, 06:56:33 pm »
Probably worst or best place to ask this question: Does anyone have a Yahoo email account working with Thunderbird 91.7

I have couple of email accounts gmail and an old'ish Sky account that was moved to yahoo.
These two both worked with Outlook 2007 that i used until today.
While ago Sky/Yahoo said no more ancient  Outlook support.
When it stopped working I removed the Sky/Yahoo email from outlook and carried on with the gmail.
Now i get a email from google saying in May 2022 gmail going to use something called Auth2  or the like and it won't work with ancient  Outlook.
So had a google and found Thunderbird has future email security support, downloaded Thunderbird and setup my gmail account in two ticks, FIVE STAR EASY.
Then spent good hour trying to setup my old Sky/Yahoo email in Thunderbird and just gave up :-(
Read and Read and Read how to guides but none work for me.
Hence, my question does anyone out there have  Thunderbird  working with Sky/Yahoo email please?
If so I'll try again, many thanks imk

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Re: Yahoo (Ex SKY) email and Thunderbird
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2022, 07:43:36 am »
Yes i do. And works fine with IMAP and POP as long as you  set oauth these days...

Oauth came to literally lock every user into the email service by API login

Internet services are being privatized google  will also require oauth..

All mailer readers will be applets . The poll daemos are likely to be excluded...

But they work for now


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