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Title: Black box Bricks ahead
Post by: PKTKS on February 27, 2022, 11:35:25 am
Considering the latest trends and events where the money has been invested

It is more than expected to have fully bricked x86 Intel gizmos ahead..
Multi cores available.. dead sure with TCP/IP stacks and 100% locked by firmware..

Added up to all their effort in paving the way to the "licensees"  daemons for their own distro of *NIX...  lets say at least a disguise for the underlying all closed things.. (

Phoronix has interesting links and do not miss the comments... ( (

Lovely I am hoping to ditch anything x86 .. Intel NV ,..

I would say these are a "handsoff"  from our proprietary WinIntel/NV hardware

Since when security by black-box  obscurity is a new thing...