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Dual Windows 10 on Different Drives for Security ??

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I have a HPz840 workstation with two monitors.  I have my most sensitive financial apps here plus all of my "hobby" apps for ham radio, electronic programming, etc.  I use TeamViewer, Zoom, Skype quite a lot and run lots of "public" software pertaining to my hobby interests without really knowing how safe they may be.   I am worried about someone accessing my financial records/programs.  I run Avast and Malwarebytes but still want to protect myself as much as reasonable.  My thought was to have two installations of Windows 10 on separate HDD and set up diskmanager on each so that the unused drive was not recognized.    Does this make the best sense or are there alternate, perhaps better practical options?


Very wise to move your banking onto a different drive /system .

The simple way I use  is to dedicate  an old laptop with w10 to banking, see the recent Banking thread below.

Using two drives on your PC, all you need do is wire up a simple SPDT switch between each drives +5v power line, so you just activate one drive at a time.

David Hess:
A separate drive is the inexpensive way.  I have tended to use a completely separate computer, perhaps isolated on its own network, which I then access via remote desktop protocol.

I was in a similar situation as you, except was using Windows 7. My solution was to buy a second computer and install Linux. I use it for everything where I wanted better security and more privacy than Windows. I chose an off-lease Lenovo business machine and total cost was under $200 including a new SSD. Having a second computer is much less hassle than dual booting. Since almost everything "internet" these days is done using a web browser, running Linux instead of Windows was a no-brainer.

Electro Detective:

Banking security with Windows 10 ?!!  :scared:

assuming you even get a chance to complete any transactions with the bully  :box:  auto update hitting on you at any time   |O

If you attempt a dual Win 10, you better have a solid Boot Manager to bail you out in case of any booting conflicts,
especially with that hidden partition/s.


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