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The free documentation might be wrong regardless ... but they do say :

--- Quote ---After you have created the certificate enter its name and folder path location into the "Private key file" field or browse to it.
--- End quote ---

So full root referenced path.

Golden Labels...many thanks for the note....

1/ PrivacyAny Agency (NSA, CIA, others) in USA gov or FSB, Chinese, Iran can and will harvest your emails, contacts  logins and messages by chance or by purpose.
Email, FTP and Web  should be assumeed compromised, more like  postcard than a registered letter....

2/ Quote Scott McNealy line  is a general joke....THat he made it in 1999  illustrates how old the issue of privacy and backdoor is.

3/ Painting..  My love of France and its history dates  to my first visit at Paris  March 1970.  My avatar is  painting is titled
 "La LibertĂ© guidant le peuple"  by Eugène Delacroix,  commemorating France's  July Revolution of 1830, with the symbol of France, Marianne.

Aux Armes Citoyens!


Bon Soiree,



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