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Firefox Bug 1763632 (or: how to not fix a security issue)


I've just stumbled across this masterpiece of ignorance:

WIth a little bit DNS tweaking of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses you can hijack connections to specific websites when the victim has only IPv4 internet access.

Nominal Animal:
Does not surprise me a single bit.  >:(


--- Quote from: Nominal Animal on May 28, 2022, 04:09:27 pm ---Does not surprise me a single bit.  >:(

--- End quote ---

nah... more than expected...   given the plethora of stuff piled in browsers...
an enormous JavaScript  engine to track adds and users...

I am surprised if that thing does not has  at least a dozen leaks flaws bugs.. direct ports...

That kind of think does not worry me anymore..

As long as I can preserve restore my tools and keep things working as they should.. (at least)

The rest...   same old miserable buz of before.. no surprises


HTTP/2 implementation flaw. Am not surprised. It’s too complicated.

This one doesn’t worry half as much as some of the architectural failures of Firefox and the platform ports.


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